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The clinical focus of Valley Pain Consultants is on the non-operative and minimally invasive treatment of spinal disorders (back pain and neck pain), and other types of chronic pain conditions.

Valley's board-certified, fellowship-trained pain medicine professionals take a comprehensive and customized approach to patient care, offering patients an unsurpassed range of treatment options, including medication management, physical therapy, psychological support, alternative medicine, precisely-guided spinal injections and other types of muscle and joint injections, vertebral augmentation, spinal cord stimulation and intrathecal drug delivery to improve patients' quality of life. Importantly, Valley Pain Consultants coordinates care with the specialists and practices in our trusted referral network to optimize the delivery and efficiency of patient care.

Valley Pain Consultants offers referring physicians and their patients throughout Arizona with three distinct advantages:

  • Availability - Patients will be seen by a board-certified pain management physician at their initial visit, within one week of our office receiving their records.
  • Continuity of Care - Patients receive the continuity of care expected when referred to a specialist. Valley's pain management physicians place the needs of their patients first and are committed to providing them with clinically excellent, compassionate care, while maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics.
  • Treatment options - Valley Pain Consultants offer the widest array of therapeutic options in Arizona; therefore, a referral to Valley's pain management physicians has the highest probability of achieving a positive outcome.