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Patient FAQs


Commonly Asked Questions

When having a surgical procedure done, there are commonly asked questions about the kind of anesthesia and pain relief medication you can expect. It is best to consult with your anesthesiologist or physician about your personal situation. We encourage you to ask any other questions you may have at the time of your pre-anesthesia interview or on the day of surgery.

What should I look for in a pain management physician/practice?
What is the difference between acute and chronic pain?
What are the most common problems that result in chronic pain?
What is pain management?
When should a person seek a pain management specialist?
What are the challenges with diagnosing chronic pain?
What medications are most commonly used to manage pain?
Is pain management covered by health insurance?
What should I expect at my initial visit with Valley Pain Consultants?
Will I see a physician on my initial visit with Valley Pain Consultants?
Will I be prescribed medications during my first visit with Valley Pain Consultants?
What is Valley Pain Consultants policy with regard to Medical Marijuana?
Will I need a referral to schedule an appointment with Valley Pain Consultants?
What should I expect at my upcoming procedure with Valley Pain Consultants?
Can I get a refill on my pain medications without an appointment?
Do you replace lost or stolen prescriptions?
What happens if the new medication that I was prescribed is not working?
How do I get copies of my medical records and how long does it take?
Am I allowed to take medications from other doctors?
What happens if I have increased pain after regular business hours?
How do I get an override or prior authorization on my medications?
Can I be appointed at any of Valley Pain Consultants' offices?
Can I operate a vehicle while taking these medications?
Does Valley Pain Consultants have a "Cancellation/No-Show" Policy?
What does the (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) HIPAA Privacy Rule require of the healthcare provider?
Where do I find a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices?

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